– TA great initiative. Well organised.

– It was a good event but please take a larger ballroom next time.
Piyush Agrawal , AEC Education Pvt. Ltd.

-It was a great networking event for education/edtech startups. Met a lot of professionals in the sector who would be of use in the long run. The idea of card exchange at the booth was a good one too. The only scope of improvement was in the Reverse Pitch. The investors in Reverse Pitch could have been better; some specialists in the sector with sector knowledge.
But overall, thanks for a wonderful opportunity.
Utkarsh Lokesh , EdTechReview

-It was one of the best events in recent past, with relevant speakers, who had content and experience to match their talk.
Time to network was good, although there was less time and convenience to interact with investors.
A well thought out and conducted event which helped me get to know from the renowned speakers, entrepreneurs as well as get to know other entrepreneurs in the education domain.
Puneet Raman , Prowisdom Growth Pvt Ltd

-Absolutely outstanding !

The arrangements were very well made and the programme conducted impeccably.
The warmth and grace with which one was looked after by the TIE Team, is laudable !

Ten out of Ten, from me.

Well done, Team !

Am confident, you’ll keep it up.
Avinash Singh Alag , GYANODAY

-The event was a great effort to get all educational strategists under one roof. It was a great interactive platform and good sharing of ideas. I would like to be a part of this event everytime it happens. Thanks TIE.
Ambika Goel , Tusha Publications